Creative Tooling Solutions - Personalized Service & Support

Creative Tooling Solutions is headquartered in Pineville, North Carolina, and supplies a broad range of tooling and services at the leading edge of the stone and glass-working industries. Central to our industry position is the combination of advanced tooling and superb technical service.

It is the expertise of our workforce that has been proven to solve hard problems and deliver assured capability to our customers. We continually evaluate the best technology available for equipment and end use and make available the best choice for increasing productivity, and ultimately, profitability.

Guided by tried-and-true practices and principles, we work diligently to meet commitments to the following constituencies:

  • Our Customers, who deserve flawless products and services.
  • Our Partners, who deserve the most profitable company we can create.
  • Our Employees, who deserve an environment for maximizing excellence and the satisfaction of working with delighted customers.