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  • CTS Technical Services help to ensure that your machinery operates efficiently; benefits from the most up-to-date maintenance; and that operators are utilizing equipment to its full potential. We provide a flexible team of independent technicians ready to meet your business needs and assist you to effectively manage shop performance while minimizing operational costs.


    For each service call, CTS accounts for technician's skill set and current location; customer priorities and service level agreements; and parts availability for a wide range of support services including problem diagnosis, analysis, and repair services; installation support; product and system installation services; and technical instruction.

All AIM Waterjets and Saws
All Bridge Saws
All Comandulli Inlines
All Intermacs CNCs
Any PLC Operated Machinery
Any Park Industries Machinery
Camma Regent NT
Camma and Bridge Saws
Comandulli Omega & Synthesis & Penta
Electrospindle Rebuild
Expert in Bavelloni CNC Machinery
GMM Bridge Saws
Intermac 4000 & 43
Intermac CNC Stone & Glass Machinery
Intermac CNC Machines- Service & Training
Jib Crane
Matrix & Park Saws
Montressor Straight Line Polishers- Service & Training
Montressor Edge Machines
Old and New Intermacs CNCs- Glass & Stone
Park & Bretton CNCs
Water Treatment Water Systems & Fracaroli Water Systems
Most Comandulli Machines
Expert in Comandulli Synthesis & Omegas
Intermac Masterstone
Intermac Master Series CNCs: Master & Master 43